Shiloh Collect

Holiday Update



As we get closer to the Holiday season, we wanted to make sure you were aware of our Holiday plans. This Christmas is especially exciting for us, as Mik just welcomed their second baby, and Tay will be welcoming her first this December. After much prayer and consideration, we have decided that the best thing for our families will be to close the shop before Thanksgiving. With that being said, we are going to offer plenty of opportunities for you to shop for Christmas and even special “Black Friday” deals before the Holiday season. As much as we love this shop and what we get to do for Shiloh, we believe the best thing for this season will be REST.

Here are some important updates + dates that we would like you to know as we go into this season:

Friday Shipping

Due to being in the third trimester and the help I need to ship now, we will only be shipping out on Fridays. This will be in effect until the shop closes for the Holiday season. Please plan for your package to arrive 3-5 days after shipping out on Friday.


We are restocking the Consider the Wildflower sweatshirts right now! What we have in the shop on October 16, is what we will have the rest of the Holiday season. If you are wanting a sweatshirt, we suggest getting one ASAP, as there will be limited quantities and sizes throughout the Holiday season.

Husband Prayer Journals

The prayer journals are back in stock! If you pre-ordered a journal then they will be shipping out this week! It not, go ahead and grab your copy today!

Closing Shop

The shop will officially close November 20. This will give us time to enjoy the Holiday season with our families, as well as prepare for Baby Hardy. In addition to closing the shop, we will not be on social media or emails. We are so excited for this season of rest and what the future holds for Shiloh. We will be coming back sometime in early 2020 and will keep everyone updated.

Shiloh Friday

We are taking a big lead by closing the shop before Black Friday, as that is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. On Friday, November 1 we are going to be offering a Shiloh Friday. This will be a day with deals better than Black Friday, and an opportunity for you to shop before all the other sales.