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Alarm goes off. Get up, eat breakfast. Maybe some cocoa puffs because who has time to make a smoothie this morning. Read for 10-15 minutes, if I have time. Grab the curling iron, curl hair. Crap my hair looks greasy. Oh well. Put on makeup. Find something cute to wear. Make a mental note: I need to buy a pair of flats. Spring is coming. Pack lunch.  Drive to work. Drop something off at the post office on the way. Gas light goes off, 50 miles till empty. I’ll get it later since I’m already running late.  Answer emails upon emails. Go to meetings. Do work. Laugh with a co-worker. Check Facebook. Eat lunch. Check instagram. Go to more meetings. Work on a last minute project that fell into my lap. Pack up. Smile to everyone while leaving the office. Go to a dinner meeting, life group, hang out with students, go grocery shopping, comfort a family that is struggling. Go home. Shower. Throw a load of towels into the washer because there is no more clean ones to dry off with.  Get ready for the next day. Check emails. Work on a quick project. Schedule a coffee meeting with a friend. Try to respond to text messages that I didn’t respond to throughout the day. Set a reminder to call mom tomorrow and get gas on the way to work. Brush my hair and my teeth. Read for maybe five minutes before shutting my eyes. Fall asleep to Nolan praying.  Oops. I’m really tired.


Alarm goes off. Get up, eat breakfast….. repeat. 

This is just a glimpse of a normal day in the life of probably every young adult woman without children. I can only imagine how drastic this schedule will be changing in a little less than 3 months when Baby Wilson joins the fam.

I listed all these things out in my day to day life because they are all tasks that I find myself revolving around. 

I am a doer and I love to do tasks. Especially if it means crossing them off my to-do list. 

I’m wired to just do do do do do do do do do do do do….. okay you get the point.

But constantly, the Lord is reminding me that what I do does not define His love for me.

I find myself believing lies that only Satan would tell me: 

“If you’re house isn’t clean then you aren’t a good enough wife.” “People don’t think you work hard enough.” “When your husband says there is no food in the pantry, because you haven’t gone grocery shopping in a month, you have failed him.”“If you don’t cross everything on your to-do list, you didn’t have a productive day.” “To be successful is to be productive every. single. day. without. rest.” 

These seem so stupid to me to write out, but to fight these lies that I have battling with over many years I have proclaimed this Scripture in Romans:

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

It states it all. He died for us, while we were still sinners. He doesn’t need our productivity to love us any more than He already does, because He’s already died and rose again for us. I think about how much I rely on feeling good after crossing everything off my stupid list. That is worldly happiness, not eternal joy. Eternal joy is knowing that through my failures and my success, He loves me regardless. 


I’m a people pleaser and that gets me in trouble a lot of the time. I am seeking for everyone else’s approval including God’s. Yet, Roman 5:8 sates that He’s already shown us His love for us, so why should I try to win His approval when I have it? 

Ladies, it’s not about the things you do, it’s about our sweet Jesus that has already done the ‘hard work.’ He loves you regardless if you remembered to put that load of laundry in or go to the grocery store today. 

He loves you even if you studied your butt off for that math exam and you fail it anyways. Even when your trust is frail, He is going to carry you through. He has already shown us His love for us. 

Be encouraged today that your works are not a reflection of the love He has for you. He has given His life so that we may be complete in Him, not so that we may complete our to-do lists.



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