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Christmas Collection 2017: Rejoicing in the Hurt and Pain

When I think back on this year I am reminded of the hurt and pain that our country has walked through. This year has been filled with many destructive events that have caused so many sleepless nights and heart wrenching moments. Whether it’s been mass shootings, hurricanes, forest fires, racial riots and protests, a family member being unable to enter the country, or political outrage, our country has faced some very hard days. 


The holiday season feels like a time to step back and reflect on the big picture. Because of that, Taylor and I have begun to pray for the Lord to bring us a creative idea to speak into those hard days and nights. It all goes back to why we started Shiloh Collection. We wanted our little corner on the internet to bring peace to a hurting and broken world. This Christmas we want to emphasize that. 

Last week I was listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify, and a very well known Christmas hymn played.  I’ve heard this hymn several times in my life and it is a song you probably sing every year at your church’s Christmas Eve Service. I’ve had it stuck in head since last week. I even sang a capella to it in the car a few nights ago, which my husband thought was so entertaining as I’m sure I was so off key as his eyes rolled. 

But this morning as it came on again, I realized in that moment that this song is the story of Christmas, it is the story of our redemption in Jesus and it also describes our journey this year.

When Jesus was born, the world was in need of a Savior. Today we are still in need of the same Savior! We can rejoice after a weary year full of hurt and pain because Jesus has come to redeem and restore our lives! Like the song says, “He has taught us to love one another, His law is love and His gospel is peace.” We are called to His great love. Oppression shall cease as His power and glory proclaim! What JOY we have in knowing our King has come to save the world!?!?! 

I wish I could shout this from the rooftops! 

While my shouting probably could even be heard a few blocks away, Taylor and I want to shout it from our little corner of the internet! So, today we are launching our Christmas Collection!

In our new Christmas Collection, “Weary Word Rejoices,” you will find three items. The first is our Christmas Scripture cards. The set of 25 square cards includes 25 scripture verses about hope and peace. You can hang these cards around your house as you countdown to Christmas and you can also use them as gift tags on presents. You can purchase one set of these cards for $18. The first 20 people to purchase today, will also receive a FREE 8x10 "The weary world rejoices" print! 

The next item is our Christmas Collection Prints. We chose our three favorite scriptures from the Christmas cards and enlarged them to prints. You can purchase individual prints for $10 each or you can purchase all three for $20 here! 

We also have a special bundle option where you can get a 25-card scripture set, a set of three prints, and a limited time "weary world rejoices mug!" 

We are really excited about our Christmas Collection and we hope that this inspires people to rejoice in the hurt and pain they have walked through this year. Head on over to our store and shop the collection! 


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