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Full Calendars + Feeling Worthless: How to Rest in His Goodness this Holiday Season

If you are anything like me, your calendar is probably already starting to fill up with holiday parties and festivities, family plans for Thanksgiving, dinners with other friends, church gatherings, Friendsgivings, some photography sessions on the side, gifts to start buying and lots of bakeing.  Oh, and don’t forget trying to decorate your house for Christmas in a way that would make Joanna Gaines proud, while also trying to stay on a budget. I know it’s only the beginning of November, but this past week my heart has started to feel very anxious about our schedule for the next two months. 


I really bring it upon myself, I know. I’m one of those people that will always say YES which is very dangerous to the important relationships in my life…especially my husband. I’m a huge people pleaser and I really do want to participate in every little thing. I’ve come to believe that with a full calendar, I’m an important person. (I feel ridiculous typing that out.) It’s true, if I don’t have things to do, I feel like I am worthless and not fulfilling the call that Jesus has on my life.

That’s just bogus. I started reading this book last night by Vikki Courtney called, Rest Assured. I’m one chapter in and it’s kicking my tail. I didn’t realize how much worth I put into being busy. I think about the days that spin like a revolving door in my mind. Days filled with busyness become weeks filled with craziness. I find myself not showering, not brushing my teeth (ew), eating unhealthy, dressing like a slob, and sleeping less than 6 hours a night because my schedule is just that FULL.

As this busy holiday season starts, I don’t want to be chained to my calendar telling me when and where to be. I want my calendar to be a reminder of the things that I have been given and the blessings that I get to receive. BUT as women of God, how do we do that?” How do we govern our time to allow the Holy Spirit to move?  How do we rest in His goodness? 

Practice saying “no.” I do this while looking in the mirror. Yes, I look ridiculous, so laugh all you want. 

Ask yourself these two questions below when someone asks you to do something. I normally step back from the request on hand and let the person know I will get back with them after I check on things.

1. If I say yes, will this impact my ministry/my family/my job in a positive way? 

2. If I say no, will I regret my decision in the weeks and days to come?

Schedule time for rest. This is so hard for me, yet it shouldn’t be because I schedule everything else in my life, right? I try to find time in the weekend and the middle of the week to retreat for a few hours. Whether that’s taking a nap, journaling, roaming the aisles in Target by myself, or just taking a drive while listening to the radio. 

Be flexible. I’m also very bad at this. I hate when plans change, but it’s bound to happen in this holiday season. Be able to go with the flow and keep that smile on your face even though your family moved Thanksgiving lunch to Thanksgiving dinner when you were suppose to be with your in-laws.

Stay in the Word. It seems like November and December are the craziest months of the year. During the hustle and bustle of parties and such, you can forget to spend time with Jesus. I encourage you to find a book or a bible study to keep you steadily in the Word. Curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy some time with Jesus as we celebrate His birth. 

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