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Home Sweet Home To Me: 10 of My Favorite Things About Growing Up In Tennessee

Hey! It’s Mik! Today we are releasing our long awaited for…. TENNESSEE PRINT! You can pick one up in the shop today for just $10. You can purchase one here.


In honor of releasing this print I wanted to share with you my 10 favorite things about growing up in Tennessee. If you are not from Tennessee, I hope these 10 things will encourage you to visit soon!

Country Music

If you move here from a different state, it is not true that we will force you to like country music, but I will cross my heart and hope to die that you will like it eventually. You will surely find yourself at a little honky tonk or a venue jammin out to cover of Garth Brooks’ number ones. Don’t fret, Nashville isn’t just known for the country tunes though. Stop by any coffee shop and you’ll hear the sweet lullabies of singer-songwriters.

Getaway to the Mountains

I loved growing up in middle tennessee because at some point or another you and your family will be chilling in a cute log cabin while taking in the view of the glorious Smokies.

The Hills of Tennessee

In Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA there is a line that says, “From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee….”  I used to think that Tennessee didn’t have any hills but when I visit other states I’m reminded of the beautiful hills that rolls right over our state into the Smokey Mountains. It’s a majestic thing, I tell ya.

‘Snow’ Days

As I write this, our students (and most of middle TN) is going on their 6th day out of school! While we have gotten some big snows and ice storms over the years, it is very important to know that if there is even the littlest chance of snow they close schools. It’s really the best thing ever, especially since they build 14 snow days into the school calendar every year. Taylor just informed me that Maryland doesn’t even have that many!

I didn’t even go to the University of Tennessee, but I still sing Rocky Top

It’s very true that I don’t even remember the time that I learned Rocky Top. It’s just something that us Tennesseans are born with I guess! If you don’t know what Rocky Top is, please just google it. A little side note: we are also very passionate about the Tennessee Vols regardless of any record. You’ll see us paint up and stand in the freezing cold for hours on end even if our record is 2-6. Good ‘ol Rocky Top!

Our City: Nashville

I grew up 20 minutes north of Nashville in a suburb called Hendersonville. I remember when I first started driving and my parents would let me “go downtown” with my friends. After eating dinner on Broadway or 2nd we would walk over the Pedestrian Bridge for a cute little snapshot of the city. Looking back, we were tourists in our town. Yet, I think that is what’s special about our Nashville. It’s home to us no matter where you live in the state.   

Our Churches

I will be bold and say that the state of Tennessee has some of the most incredible churches that make up beautiful communities. If you ever are visiting somewhere in the state of Tennessee on a Sunday and would like to attend a church, please reach out to us! Our husbands are both youth pastors at our local churches and we would love for you to visit, but we also have connections to churches all across the state! These church communities might just be a southern thing, but it seems to me that our churches are our families.   


I know there are Krogers all across the south, but I just have to say our Krogers here in Tennessee are possibly the best thing ever or I seem to think so. I don’t love Kroger for its extravagance, I love it for its simplicity. If you are ever driving though, stop and see for yourself. I grew up on Kroger brand Oreos and they weren’t all that bad.  

Exit and Entrance Ramps

I have never been to another state that has longer exit and entrance ramps then the ones we have on our interstates and highways here. One time while traveling,  I almost had a terrible accident because the ramp was just a yield sign and was not an actual ramp! It’s ‘safe’ to say, that our ramps have truly the best quality.  

Cutest Homes

My husband and I used to live in Florida and I remember when we were looking at buying houses I became very confused at being unable to find the cute and quaint little farmhouse-like home. Florida’s houses are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing like a cute little house in the country.

If you love Tennessee like we do, we hope you pick up a print or sticker in the shop today! Since most of Tennessee has been stuck in their homes the past few days we want to give you a little discount as well! For today and tomorrow, use code TENNESSEE15 for 15% off a Tennessee sticker or Tennessee print! 

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