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Nine Things She Wants this Valentines Day 

Do you ever get completely stumped when someone asks you what you want for Christmas, your birthday or even valentines day?  Any other time you can probably shop till you drop, but as soon as someone asks its like your mind is filled with chirping crickets! We know that feeling all to well, so we figured we would put a fun little Valentines Gift guide together for you! This is the perfect way to find something fun, find a gift for a friend, or drop a subtle hint in your mans inbox!  P.S. These are not ads, we just genuinely LOVE their products and want to share them with you! 

1. Letter Board - @feltletterboards

Letter Boards are such a fun thing right now! I currently have four different letter boards in my home, and my absolute favorite is from @feltletterboards.  They are affordable, super intentional about their products, and have the most fun colored boards and letters to put on your boards.  Stay tuned because we are doing something super fun with them on Valentines day! Until then order a fun letter board here:

2. Journal - @wellwateredwomen

Our incredible friend over at Well Watered Women, Gretchen Saffles, has created a tool to take your quiet time to the next level. Taylor and I started purchasing these journals when we were in college. There have been many mornings filled with Jesus as we filled the pages. The journal guides you through your time with the Lord while leaving flexibility for you to use any passage of scripture you are studying. Get your cute journal here:  

3. Laptop Sticker - @shilohcollect

If you are anything like my husband and I…. we don’t like to spend much on Valentine’s Day gifts. We go all out on birthdays and Christmas, but we don’t find Valentine’s Day as the ‘big gift’ giving holiday. Yet, we always want to do a something little to make each other feel special. That’s why our Shiloh Collect Laptop Stickers are the most affordable gift at only $5 each! ANDDDDD did I mention FREE shipping on all laptop stickers???? Get yours right now: 

4. Weaving - @woventogether

Woven Together was started by one of Taylor’s friends, Olivia Weaver, after her and her husband had a miscarriage. Weaving provided a way to heal, sort through her thoughts, pray, and worship the Lord. The purpose behind these weavings is to decorate homes, office spaces, and any other place with purpose. These weavings represent how we are broken pieces, the Lord has stepped into our mess, redeemed us, and woven us into something new and beautiful. Woven Together prays that their weavings are reminders of the Lord's steadfast love, faithfulness, and goodness in each space they decorate. Purchase a cute weaving here: 

5. Flowers - @farmgirlflowers

Okay ladies!!!! Any girl loves flowers right?!?! To really knock it out of the park, those grocery store flowers have got to go. These incredible flower arrangements come in their trade mark wrapped burlap. They are just so cute and essential to making a girl feel real special. I really hope my husband will read this so he will know exactly what to get me. If I could pick one thing out of all nine these flowers would be at the top of my list… and probably Taylor’s too. (Danny, you reading that?!) Order your flowers here: 

6. Bible - @shereadstruth

I currently have TWO of these beautiful Bibles. I just got my second copy for my birthday and I’m just so obsessed. I have the Gray Hardcover and the Brown Genuine Leather. I love reading from the Word every morning in such a beautiful designed Bible. The Bible was inspired by the She Reads Truth mission of "Women in the Word of God every day.” Get your next bible here: 

7. Clothes - @piperandscoot

I found this cute boutique online after following several well-known bloggers in the Salt Lake City area. All of my favorite tops are from Piper and Scoot, which is what I wear in a lot of pictures. My friend Kate knows me so well and just gave me a gift card recently and I couldn't wait to get something new. They are super affordable too! Most of there items are from $32-$48. If you live in the Salt Lake City area I think they have a shop there, but for everyone else you can check them out at

8. Print - @shilohcollect

I’m always looking for cute ways to decorate and there’s no easier way then popping a print into a frame and displaying it for all your guests to see or hanging it on your bulletin board at work! Our ‘Let Love Grow Here’ & ‘Love Scripture’ prints are super cute this year and can be on display year round. Head on over to our shop and get yours here today for just $10! 

9. Hat - @gigipip

My hair starts getting greasy the minute I get out of the shower, so what better way to fix that with a GiGi Pip Hat?!? I absolutely love these cute and adorable accessories. They have a hat for every occasion. Shop and find your favorite look here: 

If you get one of these products for Valentines Day we would love for you to share it with us at @shilohcollect. 

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