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Our Love Story: Mikaela + Nolan

It was way too hot outside yet I was too excited to care because I was going to be in Texas for the entire summer as a camp counselor. As soon as I arrived to the camp I met this sweet outgoing girl, Chelsea, in the cabin after putting up our suitcases. We exchanged names and laughter. Right then and there I told her that she was going to be in my wedding someday. Little did I know she was about to introduce me to my future husband just ten minutes later. 

We walked down to the huge pavilion and she introduced me to some of her friends she knew from Liberty. We were recruited months before at school, yet we didn’t meet each other until we were at camp. Of course he was in the mix but I don’t really remember much from the exact moment. Obviously it wasn’t love at first sight… oh well. 

All summer I didn’t pay much attention to any of the guys, and I had prayed earnestly that my heart wouldn’t do so. I did become friends with Nolan and his best friend Boone but they honestly got on my nerves because everyone loved them so much and always gave them attention. Nolan always stole the show. I just stayed out of the way and gave my focus to my cute little campers.

Near the end of the summer, there was a one stormy afternoon. I was on top of the zip-line tower trying to get all my high school girls down before the storm struck lightening. Nolan was near the tower and could see that I needed help and offered, but I insisted I didn’t need it. He came up anyway and started hooking in and sending off the high school girls along with me. 

I got SO mad because all the attention was on Nolan. He was goofing off and making them giggle. I remember being that high school girl that fell in love with the college camp counselor. I knew the thoughts running through their minds and I literally just cringed. After the zipping was over Nolan left and all the girls went on and on about how cute he was. One girl pulled me aside bluntly telling me that Nolan and I would be the cutest couple and should get married one day. I laughed and told her if he were the last person on the planet I still wouldn’t marry him. 

(I’m glad God holds my future am I right?)

When the end of the summer came he decided to take a year of school online and stay and work full time at camp. I left and don’t even remember saying goodbye. At this point the only things I knew about Nolan were his last name, his age, and how he was crazy in love with Jesus. 

And that’s pretty much all you need to know to fall into love with somebody. 

Everything after summer and into the fall was a whirlwind. We started skyping randomly every Saturday night while I was in Virginia and he was still in Texas. I don’t even remember why we did, we just did. Emotions started changing and eyes were uncovered. 

One of the things I love about Nolan is he has never made me wonder or second-guess about his feelings or commitment to me. He told me on that October night that he wanted to pursue me more than a sister in Christ . Since that night, the way he pursed me truly made me fall in love with Jesus even more.

To make a long story of details short, after he told me he wanted to pursue me he booked a flight up to Virginia and took me on my first date. We then prayed for one more month about walking into a serious committed relationship. December we made it official when he flew up to Tennessee for New Years. Then we said goodbye and for the next 8 months we saw each other only twice: once in March when I went to meet his family, and once in July when he came with my family to Colorado. 

In August he came back to Liberty and we were FINALLY enjoying a normal dating life. For the first time we talked about the “m” word (I couldn’t say it.) When I found out I could graduate a whole year early from college, we started to pray over the calling of marriage. About a month later, he proposed. 

See and hear about the story here.

We got married the fall after we graduated on my parents Christmas Tree Farm and the place where I grew up. It was one of the most magical and wonderful days. We had never felt so overwhelmed with love. I could go on and on about the details and how special it was to us, but you can watch the video here: 

And we lived happily ever after…… 


Our wedding day isn’t where our love story ends, it’s actually where it really began. I wish I could tell you of the life that we have lived over the past 2.5 years of our marriage. It’s been insane! It’s been our greatest adventure. In the first 8 months of our marriage we moved FOUR times! (Back in forth from Florida to Tennessee) We’ve bought a house. We’ve changed jobs. We’ve fought a little (hahaha). We’ve traveled a lot. We’ve made such incredible friends that we never knew we needed. We’ve been apart of an incredible church campus plant. We’ve bought THREE vehicles, two of which were in the past 6 weeks because Nolan totaled his car. We’ve cried a little and laughed a lot. AND we have a baby on the way! I wish I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you anymore with our craziness. 

I can only imagine what the coming years will hold as we grow our family. It’s crazy to think back to that hot summer in Texas and to realize where we are now.  The Lord has blessed me beyond measure with this gift of a husband. I am absolutely in love with Nolan more than anything in this world. He shows me Jesus in a new way every day… even when we fight or have a bad day.  He holds my hand even when I don’t want to.  He prays with me and for me.  He’s done the dishes more times than I can count and definitely more times than me. He’s freaking hilarious and I always try not to laugh at his jokes… but it’s actually impossible. He loves ministry and pouring himself out to others in need. He’s one of the hardest workers I know. I can’t wait to see him be the best and coolest dad in the world… because he’s going to rock that title. He’s been dreaming of being a dad since our wedding day! (and I love that about him!)

If you are dating or engaged, my biggest advice is to start praying more!!! God will lead your every step. There’s no way for you to imagine what he has in store for you and your significant other. 

If you are single…. I remember being in college and thinking no one will ever want to marry to me. I had never kissed a boy… let alone dated anyone seriously! I was worried for my own good. I was selfish and prideful to think those thoughts. God has given me such a gift and it was worth the wait. If you are single and wondering those same thoughts to, you don’t have to be alone. There are so many girls in our Shiloh community that know right where you are. Send us a message and we will get you connected. 

Thanks for letting me share our story. If you have a love story join the Shiloh community and share it below or on our Instagram page! 

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