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Our Love Story - TAYLOR +DANNY

I could say so much about Danny Hardy from the time we met until now.  Our story and the timing of God is one that I will cherish and cling to forever.   

Danny and I met the summer of 2014, interning at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  We grew close and got to know each other through one of the hardest summers of our lives, as we worked intensively in the student ministry.  People would make comments to the both of us about liking each other. One of my best friends, Taylor Flatt, even told me I had “heart eyes” for Danny Hardy.  It’s funny how your friends know things before you do.  

Danny was starting his first semester at MTSU that fall and I was back at Liberty for my last year. Danny and I stayed in touch, but not too much, nothing out of the ordinary.

Fast forward to January 2016. I came home to a letter and box of all my favorite things displayed on my bed. Danny had worked with Mik to tell me his feelings in the sweetest way possible.  

Here is the thing.  When I got that letter, I was scared out of my mind.  He was so intentional and so clear that I almost didn’t know how to handle it.  

Watch this video for the full letter and story:

In the letter he asked me to pray about the future, and we would see where we were at the end of our internship, as we were both going back to intern at Long Hollow that summer.  We spent that semester getting to know each other and genuinely praying over the future.  Yet, I ended that semester at school believing that Danny Hardy was not the guy for me.  I told him I didn’t see it working out and boy was I wrong.  

A month later we started our second summer of being interns together at Long Hollow and it took me about three days to realize that I was head over heels for Danny Hardy.  There was so much I saw in him and upon being back, I immediately knew I was going to marry him.   Danny and I finished out the summer, dated for three months, were engaged for 6 months and now have been married for almost 2 years.  

Watch our engagement here:

Watch our wedding video here:

I want to tell you a couple things I saw in Danny that made me realize he was the man I was going to marry.  

1. He prayed. Danny spent 6 months praying about telling me he liked me before he did. He spent six months asking The Lord to work in his heart, work in my heart and prepare us both for whatever season was ahead. After he told me he liked me, he spent another 6 months praying the Lord would place the desires on my heart. He asked me to pray with him about the future.  And even when I told him I didn’t see it going anywhere, he continued to pray for the desires of his heart! 

2. He pursued me. Never ever has there been a time where I have doubted his feelings for me because he was clear from the beginning. He didn't leave any room for questions, he laid it all out on the table. Ever since he wrote me that letter he has not stopped pursuing me. Even when I told him I didn't see it going anywhere, he took that pursuit and handed it over to The Lord. And to this day the pursuit continues.  To this day he still pursues me.  He brings me water at midnight when I say I am thirsty.  He is patient with me when I am not easy to deal with.  He is persistent in the pursuit even when everything around us changes! 

3. He respected me. He knew I didn't want to date until May, and he wasn't asking to take me on a date or even hang out, he just wanted to get to know me and pray for me. And since then he has continued to respect me, through boundaries, protection, love, serving and prayer. 

4. He respected authorities and others wishes. We liked each other throughout our summer internship but were not allowed to date. When the time was right, he let my supervisor and our supervisor both know his intentions and pursuits. He was honest, open and made them aware of the situation.

5. He loves someone else more than he loves me. Girls it can be really easy to say that a man loves The Lord, but when he really does it is very evident. He prays, he pursues you, he respects you, he respects others around you, and ultimately, he loves Jesus Christ more than he loves you.

Looking back over our relationship, nothing can prepare you for what marriage brings. The ultimate joy, sanctification, vulnerability, hurt, life changes, unsteadiness, change, and all that is to come.  Marriage is difficult, more than I expected.  We are two very messy people who are now handling two very messy lives.  But I wouldn’t want to walk through the messiness with anyone else! 

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