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Word of the Year: 2018

Happy 2018!

One of my favorite things to do is pick a word of the year! If we are being honest, by the end of January I am not thinking of my word of the year, my goals, and I am convinced I have done all my workouts for the year already!

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As 2017 came to an end, one phrase kept coming to my mind and that was to “Live Intentional.” As I thought of ways to remind myself to “live intentional” I decided to make a print that would hang in my home as a reminder for 2018.  After I made it for my home, I thought it would be so fun to have that available to all of our friends and sisters at Shiloh. Hopefully you have had enough time to narrow down a word or a phrase that you want to focus on this year.  In the shop, you will be able to purchase a hand lettered print, with 1-3 words on it as a reminder for the whole year to carry out and focus on that word.  

As I go into this year, I have to remind myself that just because it is my word, does not mean it’s going to be easy.  Intentionality is a huge discipline, and it does not come naturally.  It doesn't mean life is going to be easier, but I believe it will be a great way for me to focus time on the Lord and the things that truly matter around me.  

I know that picking one word can be so broad.  Intentional, grace, love, explore, faith and all the other words you will choose, carry so much meaning and depth. How do you even know where to begin with a word? I have decided to focus on 10 different ways to be intentional.  Here is a breakdown of what each area of intentionality will look like for me.

Intentional in the word: I am committed to spending time in the word daily.  I always spend time in the word in the morning, because I know that if I don’t, I won’t do it.  I usually go through a specific book of the bible or a study.  The last few months I have been super intentional about planning what I read ahead of time, because if I finish something and don't have a plan for after, I usually get off track.  Another amazing resource is the Give me Jesus journal at Well Watered Women.  It helps me break down my quiet time daily!

Intentional with prayer: Praying is hard for me.  I got some tools from Val Marie Paper company and I am super excited to invest time in prayer and be intentional in who I pray for and time talking with the Lord.  Another thing that helps is keeping my radio off in the car, and praying every time I drive around.  

Intentional with my husband:  When you spend everyday with someone it can be really hard to be intentional with them.  I want to be intentional with the time we spend together, the way we rest, the way I treat him, and boundaries around us! Sometimes I may have to say no to a few opportunities around me to be intentional with my husband.

Intentional with friendships: Friendships are hard! All relationships are hard.  Communication is hard! I want to be intentional about seeing friends that live nearby and communicating with long distance friends! One thing I think you have to be careful of is being intentional with your community and the people around you, but being ultra intentional with the friendships that pour life into you and point you to Jesus!

Intentional with Shiloh: I want to be intentional with the content created for Shiloh, the responsiveness, and accomplishing goals.  Before the end of the year, Mikaela and I sat down and planned out all of 2018.  I truly believe this will really help some big dreams come to life.  

Intentional with time on social media: This means intentionally not being on it! Some ways I want to protect that is - 

  • No social media after 7 PM

  • No social media before 9 AM

  • No social media on Saturdays

  • No social media while with others

Intentional with my money: We have budgeted since last fall using MINT and it is amazing! I want to be intentional with the way I spend money this year, the amount of student debt we pay off this year and the amount of money saved! Budgeting and goals are super important for this, as well as only buying what we absolutely need!

Intentional with students:  My husband is a high school pastor and we absolutely LOVE what we get to do with high school students.  I want to be super intentional about the relationships built, time spent, prayers over them, equipping them, and being in the word with them!

Intentional with what I eat: There are a lot of trendy ways to eat healthy right now, and I am not committing to any of them.  But I do know what is good for me and what is bad, and I know the foods that make me feel terrible after I eat them.  I am focusing on eating well on the day to day, and enjoying the spontaneous and fun moments when I can!

Intentional with my time: I work from home and if we are being honest that is really hard.  If I don’t plan out my day the day before then my time is immediately scattered.  I want to be intentional with my work days, but also with time spent with friends, time for fun, time in the word, time trying new things and all that fun stuff!

I am super excited to focus on living intentionally in 2018! I cannot wait to see what words you all choose as you order prints!  

We are also super excited to have FOUR new laptop stickers in the shop this morning as well! We have three that are intentional, scripture reminders for you! These are beautiful ways to open your laptop and remember to BE STILL + LOVE WELL.  

We also have a fun little sticker that is the outline of Tennessee! We know that Shiloh has sisters all over the country so our goal is to have every state eventually! Stay tuned for the next state sticker release! 

Order stickers today here!

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