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Christmas season is approaching and we want you to keep a couple of things in mind while ordering all of your Christmas goodies!

  • All items will ship within 3-5 business days of ordering! Orders can then take another 3-5 business days to arrive.

  • Orders coming through standard mail (stickers) may take longer to arrive and will not come with a tracking number, please keep this in mind while ordering.

  • Please double check all information before hitting submit (address, apartment numbers, emails, etc.) — If your order gets sent back to us, we cannot guarantee Christmas arrival and it will take at least 2 weeks to re-ship.

  • All orders placed before December 13th will arrive before Christmas Eve. Any order placed after December 13th will not guarantee Christmas Eve arrival.

  • We will not be restocking items until the new year.

  • Exchanges and refunds will not be available.

Christmas Bundle

Christmas Bundle

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HOPE BEGINS HERE Christmas Bundle.

There is one thing we want you to walk away with this Christmas season and that is HOPE.  Hope doesn’t begin when our circumstances change.  Hope doesn’t begin when there is healing.  Hope doesn’t begin with someone here.  Hope began the moment Jesus entered this earth as a baby.  Jesus is THE hope of the world. As we focus on HOPE this Christmas season we are SO excited to bring you some fun and unique products that center in on just who Jesus is and how HOPE BEGINS HERE, with Him. 

Our Christmas bundle includes:

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