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Floral Muslin Swaddle

Floral Muslin Swaddle


We are so excited to introduce our first two Muslin Swaddle designs! Our prayer is That YOU as a mama, would look at this swaddle and remember to lie down and rest in the Lord. That your children, are sweetly wrapped in the arms of the Lord, and because of that, they can REST in Him also. Your sleep and their sleep probably doesn’t feel so sweet right now, and that’s okay. The sweetness this passage is talking about is a rest from the Lord. The kind of rest that leans not on our own understanding, but in every way rests in Him. ⁣ ⁣ This isn’t just a cute swaddle to wrap your baby up in, but it’s a reminder for you and for your babies to fully trust the God who truly makes your sleep so sweet. Rest in Him, mama!

So What do these swaddles provide:

+ COMFORT: The bamboo muslin swaddles are a soft and breathable fabric for a nice sleep. They are also incredibly easy to wash (follow wash instructions on tag)

+ QUALITY: The Bamboo muslin is safe for Baby’s skin

+ FUN: These are the perfect Mothers Day, Shower, or Just-Because gift if you are looking to encourage a mama or mama-to-be!

Material: 100% Bamboo Fabric
Size: 47x47 inches

Wash Instructions: SEE TAG ON SWADDLE

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